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CSBill Logo CSBill - Easy Invoicing

Manage clients, invoices, quotes and much more!

CSBill is an open-source billing and invoicing application that allows you to manage clients, contacts, quotes, invoices and receive online payments

Simple invoicing and billing

CSBill aims to simplify invoicing with a simple and intuitive interface. Our easy-to-understand user interface helps you get started quicker and easier.

CSBill offers a free alternative to most other invoicing applications, by allowing you to host the application yourself. No more sign-ups or subscriptions! Just download, install and start using CSBill.



Client Management

Create unlimited clients, and add multiple contacts per client.

Create unlimited clients
Create multiple contacts per client
Search and filter clients

Create Quotes

Create and send quotes or estimates to a client.
A quote can be sent to one or multiple contacts on a client.
When a client accepts a quote, you can convert it to an invoice with just one click

Create unlimited quotes
Send quote to multiple contacts on a client
Convert quote to invoice with just one click
Add percentage-based discount to a quote
Search and filter through quotes

Create Invoices

Create invoices and email them to a client.
Invoices can have a percentage-based discount applied.

Create unlimited invoices
Send invoice to multiple contacts on a client
Add percentage-based discount to an invoice
Search and filter through invoices
Invoices can be paid online using any payment provider

Receive Payments

Configure many payment gateways and allow clients to pay invoices online
Payments is attached to the client and invoice, so you can know exactly who paid what

Configure multiple payment providers
Payments can be made online
Offline payment method can be used to capture cash payments

Available payment providers

Offline Payments - Case / Credit / Bank Transfer
PayPal Express / Pro
Stripe Checkout / JS
Klarna Invoice / Checkout
Be2bill Offsite / Direct
AuthorizeNET AIM